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Sarah White

Owner & Dog Trainer

I was born and raised in Appalachia and later moved to California on my own in my mid-twenties. I was introduced to Applied Behavior Analysis & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at an early age, after my younger brother, Ben, was diagnosed with autism. Our mother, Juli Liske, worked tirelessly to create her own comprehensive program and eventually founded the non-profit school, The Brown Center for Autism, in 2008. During this time, I worked with and learned from her by providing therapy sessions and creating behavior plans for Ben. Until it's close in 2017, The Brown Center and the work my mother did there was an excellent source of information and hands-on experience.


I've always loved animals and spent my childhood playing outside, befriending all the neighborhood strays, catching frogs & fireflies (and letting them go, of course), and constantly asking to go to the animal shelter. I began my professional career in 2014, as a dog walker/pet sitter in Kentucky and have been working with animals ever since. 


Aside from pet sitting, I am also a dog trainer. I firmly believe in ethical and balanced training, using both positive and negative reinforcement. My methods are primarily focused on relationship building and gaining the animal's trust and respect while breaking the language barrier. 

Haley Snyder

OVernight PEt Sitter

My name is Haley Snyder. I'm a freelance graphic designer and artist living in Midtown, Sacramento with my cat, Sasha. I love dogs but I can’t have one right now, so pet sitting gives me the opportunity to spend time with them until I can have my own.


I consider myself a natural with animals, but I also have several years of experience pet sitting in Santa Barbara. I grew up there, attended UCSB, and worked at a global medical non-profit for over 5 years. I've been in the Sacramento area for a little over a year and a half. So far, I enjoy backpacking and hiking in Tahoe and the Sierras, spending the day on the Yuba and American Rivers, and being able to walk and bike everywhere around Midtown.


I am a very reliable person. I deliver quality work in my design business and you can trust that I will apply that same dedication to caring for your pets and home while you're away. I can provide routine, company, and fun for them in the place they are most comfortable - their own home.


I also love to do pet portraits! I have been doing them for family, friends, and clients for years. You can see some of my art on my website www.haleysnyder.com. I look forward to meeting you and all your furry friends!